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Introducing EFC School Management Software, our market leading software that will revolutionise the way you work! Say goodbye to tedious tasks and hello to increased productivity with our user friendly interface and advanced features.

Our School Management Software is designed to streamline your operations and boost productivity. With user friendly features you can easily manage everything remotely including collaborating with your students, checking progress, adding classes to your calendar and simply running your business on the go.

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how it benefits martial arts schools

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Streamlines task management, maximizing efficiency with its intuitive features.
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Facilitates collaboratiion with team members and students through progress and communication features.
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Run your martial arts school from anywhere with our app, ensuring flexibility in remote operations.
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Boost productivity with advanced features for seamless task management and data access.
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Revolutionizes the workflow, bidding farewell to operational hassles in martial arts schools.
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Experience an enhanced user-friendly interface, simplifying operations for martial arts schools.
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Optimized sites for martial arts: save time, boost conversions

We save you time and money by building a highly optimized site that is geared toward your marketing goals. We optimize the user experience so you can convert more paid trials. Our proven website system helps you outrank your local competition and provides a full funnel approach for your martial arts marketing or gym marketing efforts.
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AI-Powered Lead Generation for Martial Arts and FITNESS

If you have little to no experience with running a website and just want to get have found the right place. ABBI is a lead generation website marketing for fitness and martial art gyms that uses Artificial Intelligence to not only bring you the highest quality leads, but boost your ranking on Google to the top. We are the first of its kind in the industry and are seeing incredible results.


We’ve been with EFC for a looong time. EFC cares about us on both a personal and business level. We are a TEAM. We trust EFC. We know that the EFC model works the best. You can be sure that EFC will always have your best interest in mind. Put forth your best effort and know that EFC will always give you 100%. Let EFC help you keep your RQ low and keep those students coming through the door.

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The Thompsons
Ray Thompson's Upstate Karate - SC

I have been doing business with Educational Funding Company for over 12 years now and have found them to offer the finest customer service in all dealings with my clients and accounts. I have never had any colleagues or complaints from my students. I would highly recommend EFC to all school owners who are looking to take their school to the next level while maintaining honesty and integrity in their business dealings

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Charles Chi
The Martial Arts Training Center

We have been using EFC since 2012 for all of our martial art school locations and they are great! They take the time to take care of your needs for your business and they are very accommodating, even when your requests are very detailed! We don’t know what we would do without EFC!

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Antri Papanikolaou
NY Martial Arts Academy

I have looked at many billing companies in my day and by far Educational Funding Company is the “best in breed” at what they do. Also, with the manner in which Educational Funding Company has embraced the latest in technology, they have truly become a “One Stop Shop”. Any martial arts school owner that is looking for a straightforward manner to take their school to an entire new level will need to connect with Educational Funding Company ASAP. Do it now. You will thank me later. All the best, Garland & Bridget Johnson.

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Garland Johnson
Universal Kempo Karate Colorado Springs

I have been with EFC for 30 years. EFC is more than a business partner, it is family. EFC has always guided, supported, helped me in every way without hesitation for a lifetime. I will always be grateful. Thank you EFC.

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David Tomasulo
Kicks Self-Defense & Fitness
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