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You’ve got a business, but you feel frustrated because you’re wasting time with software that isn’t helping you the way you need.
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You’ve got a website, but it doesn’t help bring in new leads to grow your business and reach new students.
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You’re lacking the support network needed for growth and are left feeling alone.
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Transform your recruitment strategy with our innovative approach, designed to revolutionize the way you attract potential students. Allow us to build you a polished and professional lead-generating website. By leveraging the power of our specialized solutions, you can seamlessly tap into a vast pool of new prospective students, making the recruitment process not only efficient but also remarkably unintimidating.
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Say goodbye to the complexities and frustrations of traditional billing and school management software. We've revolutionized ease-of-use with our software solutions, ensuring more than just functionality. Seamlessly create and maintain real, consistent connections with your students through messaging, feedback, events, and more, making every interaction meaningful and impactful.
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At the heart of our company is the creation of a supportive community for our clients, where meaningful connections with mentors, peers, and industry experts flourish. Through engaging events, insightful webinars, and collaborative meetings, we provide a transformative platform that empowers our clients to forge impactful relationships, navigate challenges with resilience, and achieve meaningful growth in their endeavors.

Client Transformations

Peter McHugh
I’ve always known that if I teach great classes and genuinely care about my students, I’ll survive. But there’s a massive difference between surviving and thriving. Over the last 10 years, EFC has given me the tools, guidance, and support to grow my headquarters location to over 800 students. I now have two locations, and own both buildings. In the martial arts, we know to seek out mentors who have blazed the trail before us, who will guide us, and who want us to succeed. Ricardo Almeida was that mentor for me in Jiu Jitsu. EFC has been that in business, finances, and more.
image of Peter McHugh standing next to a woman in a gym
Wassim Khechen
I have been affiliated with EFC for over 35 years. During this time, EFC has been instrumental in the growth of my school, enabling me to operate 6 locations – 5 in Buffalo, NY and one in Charlotte, NC. EFC is more than just a collection company; they provide comprehensive support, ranging from customer service and tuition management to CRM and lead generation through their website services. EFC fosters a familial atmosphere within their company, which extends to their clients. This is one of the most impressive aspects of being part of EFC. I eagerly anticipate working with EFC for many more years to come.
image of Wassim Khechen
Buzz Durkin
My relationship with EFC began in 1988. Having just built a state-of-the-art building - in fact one of the first to be built purposefully as a martial arts school - I knew there must be a better way to run the business side of the school. I saw an advertisement in Black Belt magazine and made a trip to one of the regional meetings. Then fate stepped in and my flight was delayed and I ended up having a long conversation with none-other than John Cokinos. The rest, as they say, is history. Buzz Durkin’s Uechi Karate School is known for many things, but superior customer service is one of them. I continually credit most of this due to my relationship with John Cokinos and his late father Nick Cokinos (founder of EFC). I have said many times that the two best business decisions I have made were building my own free-standing building and being a member of EFC. I love networking with my EFC family and continue to learn and benefit from my relationship with current chairman - Mr. John Cokinos.
Buzz Dirkin
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How to get started: 3 simple steps

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connect WITH US

Meet with our expert team to determine if EFC aligns with the spirit of your martial arts organization.
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Collaborate with your designated onboarding specialist for thorough software training. They'll guide you through the features and functionalities to ensure you make the most of our services.
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eMBARK ON growth

With your account activated and training complete, you're all set to start growing your business! Leverage our tools, resources, events, and more to enhance the strength and agility of your martial arts organization.

Are You Ready For This?

Without EFC

  • Engaging in laborious, manual billing processes that devour precious time and energy, leaving you drained and frustrated
  • Struggling with weak, one-size-fits-all management softwares that fail to align with the uniqueness of your business, creating a disconnect between you and your students
  • Navigating low-converting, unoptimized websites that hinder your online presence and growth potential
  • Lacking the support network needed for growth and success
  • Feeling like you're in this challenging journey alone

With EFC

  • Experiencing the ease of streamlined, automated billing processes that free up your time and energy, leaving you energized and satisfied
  • Utilizing a school management software designed specifically for martial arts businesses, fostering a strong connection between you and your students
  • Reaching more students through your online presence using an optimized, lead-generating website
  • Basking in the support of a wide network, complete with mentors and resources tailored to fuel your growth towards unprecedented success
  • Forging connections, collaborating, and thriving with a community that understands and supports your challenges
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Get started with our software, or register for an event and kickstart your school’s success.
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